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The four thematic areas of focus for UCAA-UG include:

i. Knowledge management, voice and urgency to transform discrimination into inclusion for all
ii. Membership growth
iii. Institutional strengthening and;
iv. Visibility.

The four (4) key Strategic Objectives include:

i. To strengthen research and collective advocacy in order to transform discrimination into inclusion for all in Ugandan society, using a faith based approach
ii. To build a strong membership base aligned to UCAA-UG’s cause
iii. To grow an efficient institutional structure for optimal organizational performance and
iv. To amplify UCAA-UG’s work through various media.

Each of the above four Strategic Objectives outline key actions that will be implemented through four priority programs:

Program 1: Research Capacity, Building & Advocacy program
Program 2: Membership and Solidarity program
Program 3: Institutional Capacity Strengthening program and
Program 4: Communication and Visibility program.

UCAA-UG’s work will take both a national outlook while concentrating some of its interventions at the district and community level.