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We do embrace and recognize the diverse nature of the society which we live in. We understand that individuals differ from one another in terms of age, ethnicity, physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideas, experiences, education, and origin.  Using a religious lens and application of its principles of equality and love for all, UCAA strongly encourages and emphasizes that the contributions, presence, and perspectives of all people should be respected, appreciated, and valued regardless of their differences.


The Universal Coalition of Affirming Africans Uganda is an independent and non-partisan, human rights organization which seeks to advocate for the respect of human rights of the most marginalised with specific focus on LGBTQ+ people, Women and Persons Living with Disabilities in Uganda using a faith-based approach.


The organization is duly incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap 110 as a body corporate.

UCAA is a faith-based Coalition of religious leaders who came together for the purpose of creating a society that is transformed and all-inclusive, knowledgeable and applies the Biblical norms and principles of love. We therefore are driven by the conviction that at the Centre of religious principles, there must be inclusion and diversity and that equality and Human Rights for all can only be observed when our differences (Diversity) are respected and accepted (Inclusion) amongst ourselves as members of one family.   

Tom Twongyeirwe Junior- National Coordinator.
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A transformed and all-inclusive society that is knowledgeable and applies the biblical norms and principles of love.

Our Mission

To advocate for the respect of the human rights of the most vulnerable communities including LGBTQ+ people, Women and Persons Living With Disabilities (PWDs) through mind set change using faith based strategies.


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