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Universal Coalition of Affirming Africans Uganda (UCAA Ug), is a non-Governmental, non-discriminative and nonprofit LGBTI religious movement in Uganda composed of LGBTI faith leaders and their allies. The coalition empowers, Trains and Nurtures Faith based leaders who will orchestrate the development of a vital faith movement in Uganda connected to the global pro- LGBTI Christian world. UCAA-UG provides counseling and guidance services to LGBTI persons, empowers them economically, socially and guides them on how to fit in the community which will cause a positive impact on the Homophobic parents, Relatives, friends, political leaders especially on the grass root level, Religious leaders, policy makers and the entire community, thus inclusively being considered in the community hence, a stable society. 
Since 2009, the LGBTI community in Uganda has been recognized as a microcosm of the global struggle for LGBTI rights. LGBTI Ugandans are the target of an international network of conservative Christians who are trying to dominate the direction of Christianity over the next century as exclusionary and committed to biblical literalism. Given the intense legal and cultural battles in Uganda, and the resulting deeply homophobic climate, Uganda is a difficult place for pro LGBTI advocacy. Hate for LGBT people has been favored by the presence of mostly religious beliefs, cultural notions and assumptions that homosexuality is immoral, unnatural, unAfrican and satanic and so LGBTI people have been branded as immoral, insane, wicked, social misfits, recruiters of children into homosexuality, pedophiles and satanic. Because of those brandings, LGBT people are beaten in public and social places, abused and insulted, evicted from houses, attacked along roads and burnt, disowned by parents and banished from homes, denied education, subjected to corrective rape, cruelly arrested by police, brutally beaten and imprisoned without trial and society avoids them. 

Vision: A transformed and well equipped with Biblical realities society that radically includes all persons.
Mission: To advocate for and promote LGBTI rights through changing people’s mind set about LGBTI realities got from their different Faith denominations and cultural beliefs.

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  To provide pastoral care, spiritual attention and counseling for Uganda’s LGBTI Faith leaders, activists, young LGBTI persons, HIV positive living LGBTI persons and the general LBTI community in Uganda.  


To build capacities of minority populations in economic, Social and political sectors to effectively stand for their Human Rights


To build a progressive Pan African movement through partnership with other affirming    faith leaders, Organizations, Networks and Policy makers.


To strengthen capacities and systems of UCAA-UG members and partners to deliver quality Human Rights services in Uganda.  

Christianity UCAA Uganda Cell Groups

Formation of small UCAA-Ug chapters in Four regions of Uganda i.e. Eastern, Western,
Northern, Southern and Central parts of the Nation. These groups are vital to sharing the faithbased
progress of the coalition on a national scale, Eases the education and sensitization program
sessions of the community on LGBTI and helps to identify and address safety, security and health
concerns of LGBTI community across the nation.

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Major activities


  • To connect the UCAA Ug Coalition with Uganda’s already existing LGBTI organizationsand Networks which establishes a viable national pro-LGBTI movement.

  • Mobilize Ugandan pro-LGBTI faith–based political analysis for better relations, since so much of the political messaging is expressed under the cover of religious values.

  • To create an environment in which economic, political, and health stability of LGBTI community is supported.