Our target groups

These include but not limited to:

Local communities

Especially up country districts of Uganda where less emphasis have been put the fact that has resulted to Ignorance of the community about LGBTI realities and issues, self-denial of LGBTI persons, high level of insecurity cases especially in the local communities. This has led to a very high level of Homophobia and hate of LGBTI persons in the communities. 

Health workers

Heterosexual religious leaders

Especially those who are willing to learn more and increase their understanding about LGBTI persons and realities. This will help to create more allies, increase visibility of LGBTI persons and reduce on hate level for LGBTI persons since the fact is that the biggest number of Heterosexual persons are willing to listen and believe when their fellow Heterosexual persons speaks to them and explains the reality behind LGBTI persons.

Homophobic Faith leaders

LGBTI Faith leaders:

These includes those who are ready to be out, not ready yet, living in self-denial and the ones who have accepted themselves, welcomes LGBTI persons in worship places, have learnt and understood the realities about LGBTI issues and ready to advocate and promote LGBTI rights.

LGBTI activists in and LGBTI Refugees

LGBTI community:

These include LGBTI un employed Youths, LGBTI persons living in denial, LGBTI persons in the closet, LGBTI persons out already, LGBTI persons facing insecurity, LGBTI persons chased from their communities and LGBTI persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Political leaders