We are a network of inclusive faith leaders, people of faith and faith based organisations established in 2017 to advocate for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized persons in Uganda.


We use a faith-based approach to advocate for the inclusion of marginalised persons. That is, we generate knowledge on the interlink between faith and human rights and use it to advocate for the rights of marginalized groups, build the capacity of communities, faith leaders and other stakeholders, psychosocial support and social economic empowerment.

Our Slogan

“Using faith-based strategies to promote Inclusion and human rights for all”

Our vision

A transformed society where religion and faith are used to promote love and inclusion for all.

Our Mission

To advocate for the well-being and respect of human rights of marginalised communities through mindset change using religion and faith-based strategies.

Institutional Objectives

  • To conduct research in order to support advocacy and influence mindset change amongst all communities and policymakers.
  • To provide pastoral care and psychosocial support to address the mental health challenges for marginalised communities.
  • To strengthen the capacities of marginalised communities and other stakeholders using a holistic approach to effectively promote the rights of marginalised persons.
  • To build a strong and progressive network of affirming faith leaders and organisations to further advocate for an inclusive society.
  • To strengthen the capacity and systems of UCAA-UG to deliver quality human rights programs in Uganda.

We influence, partner and collaborate with policymakers, government agencies, human rights organizations, faith based organisations, women’s organizations, media platforms, traditional and religious leaders, regional and international human rights mechanisms, and donors that work on human rights, social-economic justice, faith-based strategies and marginalized groups.

UCAA’s beneficiaries are:

  •  Key populations
  • Women
  • People Living with disabilities


We are responsive to all people’s needs in their diversity and we shall do our level best to genuinely include them and treat them all fairly and equally. We shall be sure to be gender-responsive in our programming and particularly look out for those issues that affect the most vulnerable in our community.

Accountability, transparency and integrity

We take personal responsibility for achieving our objectives. We do what we say we shall do. We do what is right, not merely what is expected. We act with openness, integrity and trust.


We are determined to ensure that our objectives and promises are fulfilled. We are steadfast in what we do, resilient and dedicated to our cause.


We are courteous and compassionate to ourselves, partners and donors. We seek to build considerate collaborations that are mutually reinforcing. We treasure our target communities and seek to constantly show them how important they are as individuals. We treat each other with respect regardless of our status or diversity.


We value and practice working together as a team to achieve our objectives. We build and support each other. We respect and treat each other fairly.