Envisioned change – Intervention logic

The overall change we want to see is “Empowered marginalised persons enjoying their human rights in an inclusive society.”  The ability of marginalized groups to fully enjoy their human rights is a function of their capacity to influence change in the mindsets of faith and religious leaders, duty bearers and the community towards protecting their rights and increasing their access to services.

It further depends on their financial capacity to meet the basic necessities of life, the capacity of UCAA to provide evidence and direction on the use of faith-based strategies, the strength of an affirming faith movement to dismantle myths, and the capacity of UCAA to support marginalized groups achieve these.

UCAA believes that if the attitudes of duty bearers and other stakeholders change positively towards marginalized persons and if marginalized persons and faith leaders have the capacity and urgency to demand their rights and have sustainable income sources, the society will be inclusive and they will be empowered to enjoy their rights. This theory is illustrated in the figure below.

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